Chesson Labs wishes to exploit its proprietary nail products in the European Union [EU]. A suitable partner for distribution or other commercial agreement is sought.

Chesson Laboratory Associates, Inc. [Chesson Labs] is a medical device company located in Durham, North Carolina and founded as a Delaware corporation in 2006. Chesson Labs has the exclusive rights to all medical applications of a patented polymer formulation. All of Chesson Labs’ products cleared for market and in developments are based on this patented and patent-pending polymer formulation.

 Expressions of interest will lead to a confidentiality agreement, provision of confidential information and negotiation with Chesson Labs management team.

We are committed to exceeding our partners’ expectations related to product quality and patient safety through the effective management of quality controlled compliant processes.  We will work to maintain and continually improve the effectiveness of our quality management system, comply with all applicable requirements, and strive to deliver excellence to our partners through our products, processes, services, and relationships.
Chesson Labs
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